Urhobo Economic and Investment Group was birthed on the 12th of August, 2015, as a socio-cultural and development platform for Urhobo people both at home and in the diaspora. It was borne out of genuine desire to promote and defend the welfare of Urhobo people and her land.

To be a proactive forum, driven by the need to harness and unlock Business and Economic potentials in Urhobo Nation.

To primarily serve as a think-tank for a better Urhobo Nation. Also, the platform has the following objectives:

  • Encourage the much needed synergy between the Urhobo at home and in diaspora.
  • To attract direct foreign investors through strategic partnerships with the government and private sector through Public-Private Partnership (PPP).
  • Identify the challenges of our people in their respective communities and proffer solutions to them.
  • Showcase and promote economic potentials in Urhobo Nation
  • Foster Peace and Unity of Urhobo people
  • Support and Encourage the development of Urhobo Nation
  • Promote the rich cultural values of our people